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5 Step Delivery System

CTA5 Delivery System

See It

Learn material quickly and easily with clear text, rich graphics and engaging animations, integrated in a multi-media environment.

Hear It

Attend the customized Certification Specific Lecture Series designed to insure preparation for certification and the ability to do the job.


Read It

Complete case scenerios that bring the real world into the classroom and prepare you for the certification exams with challenging hands-on tasks.


Write It

Writing is essential to reinforcing complex ideas in the mind and will help to more easily gain familiarity with the subject matter. Taking notes while working with your instructor and viewing the customized lecture series reinforces this process.

Do It

Practice complex operations in an open simulated environment without worrying about crashing your network and live in our state of the art networking labs. Detailed feedback will help you improve your performance and master the hands-on training. Most importantly, the academic training is supported through hands-on exercises that are completed in our state of the art training facility under the direction of certified instructors. Instructors are also available to answer your questions and assist you in your certification path.